Rizal is an Indonesian film director. After finishing his architecture degree, he pursued a career in directing music videos and filmaking. 

After receiving an MTV 'Moon Man' award for the music video 'Sambutlah' by Denada, he went on to shoot his first feature, 'Kuldesak' which is an Omnibus featuring four directors of which he is one of. His second feature, the horror film titled 'Jelangkung' which he co-directed was very well recveived in 2001 in the country. His follow up, is the 'Kuntilanak Trilogy' in which 'Kuntilanak' was again well received in 2006 and 'Kuntilanak 3' (the third of the trilogy) won him the 'Best Director' award at Balinale 2008 Bali International Film Festival. 

The inspirational drama '5cm' (2012) won the '2012 Bandung Film Festival / Festival Film Bandung' in the Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Editing category. '5cm' produced by Soraya Intercine Films is based on the best selling book by Donny Dhirgantoro and is produced by Sunil Soraya. '5 cm'. His latest film 'Kereta Berdarah' (Train of Death) is presently screened at The Far East Asian Film Festival, held at Udine, Italy.